Original Artwork from Megan Davies

About Me

I am a Veterinary Surgeon in the East of England, art is both my hobby and a creative outlet. I have always loved animals and keep several pet rats along with my two dogs. I am sure that my family of animals will continue to grow.

Passionate about art I have been painting from a young age and have sold my art to private collectors since 2006. As well as one-off pieces, I also sell a variety of merchandise of my designs on Etsy, Redbubble and my own web-store.

Outside of my artistic pursuits I also enjoy travelling, video games and reading. No doubt you will find these influences reflected in many of my works.

Animals are my preferred subject of choice but I try to keep my works diverse with; life, landscapes and fantasy. I also work in many other mediums such as inks, markers, collage and digital.

My clients and peers commend the empathy that I am told my works exude, particularly my pet-portraits. I am deeply moved to hear stories of provided relief, however small, for those experiencing bereavement for their departed pets.

Mousalopes Exist! is my webcomic - a comic about some cryptozoological creatures I created and their (mis)adventures. This is where the character 'Pannya' comes from.



An original watercolour painting of a pet makes for a wonderful and unique gift or memento.

Prices are around £57 for an A4 or 10x14” single subject close up portrait including UK delivery. I can work to various sizes starting at as small as 3.5x2.5” for approx. £15 including (UK) delivery. Full body paintings, additional animals and backgrounds take more time, so please contact me for a more accurate quote. I can also work in a variety of media, but watercolour is my speciality.

I require several good photographs of your pet from different angles that show their markings and characteristics clearly. I tend to compose several photographs to make the final picture rather than copy from one photograph, although if you have a particularly good photograph, I may reference this more heavily.

It usually takes around 4 weeks to complete your pet portrait. I will keep you informed of progress and any anticipated delays.